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Do-it-cheaper-meme“How Much for a Detail?”

This is by far the most asked question. There will always be cheaper & inferior quality offerings in all walks of life. With that said, all detailers are different.People have different definitions of “Detailing.” No two detailers have the same experience, techniques, equipment, supplies etc. So when shopping for a service such as this the more important question is “What does your service entail?” Because when you’re used to a carwash that takes 30-45 minutes to “detail” your vehicle and charging $50-$80, chances are when I throw out a price you’re going to think “Thats expensive” not knowing that most of my details take at LEAST 3 hours.



I am not the low quality cheaper alternative!

360detail specializes in restoring your vehicle to factory new condition OR BETTER, increasing resale value, or maintaining your new vehicle and preventing deterioration of its surfaces.

So if what you’re REALLY after is top quality professional work, and best VALUE for your money then my service is for you.


Prices on this page are an estimate only


Mini Detail

Starting at $75-$100 

(Estimated Time 1.5 -2 hours)


This is for the newer, well maintained vehicle. Paint is in good shape (no swirls- no polishing required) just needs a careful wash (to prevent swirls!) a wax, a good vacuum and light interior cleaning.


The 360 Detail  

Starting at $150-$175 (for cars) $175-$200 (for full sized trucks and SUVs)

(Estimated time 3-4 hours)


  • Premium Wash (Swirl free wash, 2 bucket method)
  • Bug and contaminant removal
  • Clay treatment (smooths out the paint)
  • One Step machine polish and wax
  • Wheels and tires clean and dressed
  • Wheel wells Cleaned and dressed
  • Door Jambs cleaned
  • Windows Waxed
  • Premium Vacuum (Debris is removed from carpets, mats, under the seats)

***Please note that dog hair, spills and stains, sand and mud are quoted individually***

  • Console, dash, cupholders cleaned


This package is slightly more extensive than the Mini Detail. This package takes 3-4 hours and your vehicle is left as close to factory new as possible. If you’re used to using car washes or dealership “details” you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this package.



The Show Car Detail 

Vehicles will be estimated and evaluated in person

This Package includes the 360 Detail plus machine polishing and any upgraded coating options. 


Paint Polishing – Depending on the severity of the paint defects, It could take 1 or 2 passes with different compounds to  bring the paint back to new. A test spot will be performed to determine what level of correction your paint will take.

This is a very labor intensive process and all polishing jobs must be quoted in person after inspecting the vehicles paint.



Paint PolishingPant Polishing 2











Engine Detailing

Engines are carefully cleaned, dried and dressed. Care is taken around sensitive components and filters.

For most late model cars an engine detail is $40. For show cars and cars with billet and chrome aftermarket parts It will be quoted in person.