“What is Detailing?”

Auto detailing is the performance of thorough cleaning, restoration, and protection of an automobiles surfaces both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail.

I specialize in restoration detailing and advanced protection detailing. Restoration is removing dirt and contaminants through a multistep process and protecting the surface after bringing the vehicle to a factory new or better condition. Even brand new vehicles can benefit from this type of detailing as slight swirls are iron contaminants are embedded on the car through the manufacturing and shipping process and through the dealerships car washing practices.

Advanced protection is done through applying ceramic coatings specific to different automotive and motorcycle surfaces and materials. This type of protection is 2-3 times harder than factory paint and leaves the vehicle with a high gloss and hydrophobic layer that is resistant to dirt, weather, and makes future cleaning almost effortless.


“Why does detailing cost more than a car wash?”

Lets look at what the car wash does: First they run you vehicle through a giant swirl machine. The same dirt filled cloths that touched the last 100 cars are now grinding dirt into your paint which causes swirl marks. (Look at the right side of this hood. This is what you will usually find after improper washing.) Swirl Marks

Then some kids dry your car with a dirty towel and spray wax or paste wax over it. The rims and tires are quickly cleaned. The interior is vacuumed and wiped down and you’re on your way.
What they DIDNT do is carefully remove the dirt, clay off the contaminants not removed during the wash, polish your paint to a swirl free high gloss shine, steam clean your leather and carpets, or use high quality waxes, sealants and water based UV protectants on the interior. To detail a car takes time. And if you want your vehicle to stay new longer its better to detail preventatively than to wait until its past the tipping point of oxidation and try to restore it. Lastly, a mobile detailer comes to YOU! You don’t have to take time out of your day and sit around a

car wash. Personal time is valuable. If you can have your car taken care of while at work or home, that saving of personal time is valuable!


“What is clay bar?”


Clean Clay Bar

Clay bar removed embedded contaminants and particles left behind after a wash. This could be bug splatter, over spray, tree fallout, brake dust particles or rust. Sometimes these things can not be seen with the naked eye but if you run your hand across the paint and it feel rough or bumpy then your vehicle could use a clay treatment. After using a clay bar, the paint should feel super smooth. Clay bar is used before the polishing step and greatly enhances the final gloss. It is used by spraying a lubricant on a section of paint, and then gliding the clay cross the surface. The clay grabs and removes the contaminants without marring the paint.

(Photo Credit: Nicholas Scafidi 

autowerxdetailing in Sherwood, OR)

clay after

Used Clay Bar

“What is the difference between compound, polish and wax?”

Compound is a solution with abrasives in it, used with a pad of varying densities and a machine to remove heavy oxidation and scratches. Polish is a fine solution with minimal abrasives used after compounding or by itself in cases where the paint isn’t that bad. Polish is used with a softer pad and machine to remove marks left by compounding and to ret
urn the paint to a high gloss smooth finish. Now that the paint is free from swirls, scratches and oxidation, its time to add a layer of protection. This is where wax, paint sealant and coatings come in.

clay bar2


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