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I am super happy you made it here! Please note that if you can not reach me by phone or text right away it is because I am currently in the process of performing a quality, professional detail on another customers vehicle. Usually there are gas powered machines running, electric buffers, or my gloved hands are wet or am applying a product I can’t put down. I will take that same care and focus when it comes to your vehicle as well.


The absolute BEST way to reach me is by TEXT message! (904-662-1616) or email ( or by simply using this contact form




Time management is a priority in order for me to detail, give estimates, update the website, market on social media, inventory supplies, etc.  The phone rings all day, every day from potential customers looking for exactly what I have to offer, and for those that are looking for cheaper or less involved cleaning. For this reason all new customers are encouraged to visit the website FIRST. Any questions must be through text or email. If a phone call is needed after that I will gladly take the time to call.


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