Harley Davidson and custom bikes are a personal favorite of mine. To properly detail a motorcycle take sometimes longer than an entire car due to smaller, intricate areas. Many tools and products are required that are specific to motorcycle detailing. I use a small lift to keep the bike upright and allow the wheels to spin freely for cleaning. An 8 HP heated air dryer is a MUST for even a basic bike detail. Non-Silicone tire dressing is used for safety, durable, non greasy leather conditioner is used as well as other products that are best suited for the bike.

My process includes:

° Bike is put on a lift. Seats, Bags, windshields, side covers, leather accessories are removed to be cleaned individually.

°Wheels are treated with a brake dust and iron neutralizing cleaner. Neutral PH so it is safe for all surfaces. Even aluminum. Tires go through a multistep cleaning to remove browning and embedded brake dust.

°All metal is polished and scrubbed removing surface rust and oxidation.

°Multistep wash- a combination of S-100 total cycle cleaner and a citrus degreaser is used to break up dirt, grease, bugs and other contaminants. Microfiber and soft hogs hair cleaning tools are used to gently release the dirt, followed by a low pressure rinse.

°A high powered heated air dryer is used to remove every drop of moisture from the bike and force moisture out of every crack and crevice.

° All paint is carefully polished to restore a high gloss and remove swirls and oxidation. Followed by a paint sealant or Wax

°Plastic and engine parts are conditioned and treated via a small airbrush.

°Outer side walls of the tires are treated and the bike is resembled.



Bikes start at 145.00

Every bike is different. Size, accessories, degree of neglect and oxidation all factor in. A bike could take 2 hours or it could take 7 it just depends. A final examination and estimate will be given before the job starts.


For the ULTIMATE protection on ALL surfaces of the bike, consider CERAMIC or NANO COATING in place if wax, conditioners and dressings. Ceramic coating cures as a semi permanent protective coating that BONDS to the surface. It won’t wash off. It has a self cleaning property that makes every surface of your bike act like a teflon coating. Dirt, bugs, brake dust won’t stick as easy to the surface which means less time cleaning, less effort, no heavy scrubbing and the water will sheet off like a fresh coat of wax for up to 3 years!